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Over the last few years I have been creating any new pages using KompoZer, which until recently I was content using but suddenly I realised my website was looking somewhat, how shall I say it, tired, dull or uninspired.


All existing pages will over the next few months be updated and, hopefully, look more dynamic and interesting, but sadly no matter how good the software, Serif Webplus, is I am still a terrible writer.

I hope do, whether you are family, friends or just a passer-by that, you spend sometime enjoying Our Holidays pages and perhaps even have a chuckle over some of our mini-adventures or mis-adventures. .


My original website was created in 2004 just for the hell of it and to allow family and friends to see pictures of Our Holidays when they felt like. Over the years I have added a new page of our significant holidays from Australia and America to Vietnam and many places between.

All images have been taken myself or my wife, please feel free to copy or download. However, should you feel that my efforts have some worth please don’t hesitate in hitting the “Paypal Donate” button.

Any donations will be gratefully received and please note, I am not claiming to be a charity. .

On the off-chance that you do donate then thank you very much. It will go towards our next adventure!!!

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