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Our Holidays

Having survived work related disasters, such as our Sophos anti virus falsely reporting that that virtually all applications were infected, I finally left work only 3 hours later than planned and the only thing forgotten was my camera and some part of my brain.

As we could only get flights from Manchester we drove up there Friday evening to stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel which offered one nights stay and two weeks parking for about £130. Really good value especially as when we arrived feeling somewhat jaded from work and a four and a half hour drive, we, stupidly, left the reading lamp on resulting in a flat battery. A little surprise for us when we returned to collect the car. The staff were extremely helpful, so many thanks to them at the Radisson Blu!!!! Woke up for a early start as our flight was due to take off at 8:30 in the morning but was delayed for 4 hours and that's a bad start especially as we hadn't needed to be up early!!!

Turkey (Teos) 2012

The weather was as good as could be hoped for, apart from one cloudy morning, blue skies and temperatures between high 20s and low 30s were definitely what the doctor would have recommended. The wind, however, was somewhat of a let down as only 3 or 4 days provided wind suitable for planing so spent many afternoon practicing tacking, gibing and rig control, otherwise known as being flash. On our final Wednesday while practicing the flash stuff I managed to crash my ribs into the mast but nothing broken, I think, but unable to pick up the rig the next time I went onto the water!!

The staff at the Teos resort were good, as were the beachcrew and the instructors although I will have a moan about the safety crew who on Jo's last windsurf of the holidays, somehow, totally failed to notice that she had given up and was waiting for a lift back to the beach. Sometime 20 - 30 later as she drifted downwind across the bay and into the rocks. It was only another Neilson guest who happened to sail by and noticed the situation that the rescue boat came to her assistance.


The closest town, Sigacik pronounced Sar-jik, was very strange. It has a large marina holding hundreds of yachts and in the immediate vicinity a new development with several good restaurants, Liman and Burg in particular, two rows of lesser and older restaurants and apart from a couple of bars and shops along the main road nothing, not even tourist shops. A strange town.  

Unfortunately for Jo, what the doctor recommended was antibiotics as the toothache she had prior to the holiday developed into an abscess but that didn't stop us doing some serious damage to the duty free booze!!


Hotel food is one thing I always get immediately bored with and Teos was no exception and it is particularly bad for vegetarians, perhaps we expected a similar standard to Lesvos,
see Greece 2011, where the Head Chef, George, produced some of the best buffet style hotel food that we've had