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Our Holidays

Turkey 2010

Sea Garden Resort

This was another sun and sea holiday for water-sport and from my point of view wind-surfing and my wife’s view water-skiing.

The point is built on such a steep hill that buggies were provided to transport the less active holiday makers from the main resort to the beach and swimming pool, some days after hours of wind-surfing I have to confess to being tempted to take one up the hill.

After many hours on the water it was great to relax on the pier bar as the sun sank into the sea and we sank a few early sun-downers..

However, whilst I was happy on the water, even taking into account dinghy sailors not looking where they’re going and crashing into my board, but, hey, the water is pleasant enough, but this was the first year that Mark Warner had introduced a charge for water-skiing based on a price “per tow” and that was the last straw for us and it was time to choose a different activity-holiday provider in years to come.

And as for the Mini-Bodrum village, well, it was touristy crap and did zilch for our holiday.