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Nang Thong.

After a long wait the bus finally arrives and we set off northwards up the Andaman coast travelling further and further north until we realised that while heading north the bus’s route was also taking us inland. Time for you a U-turn!!! And spent another few hours travelling back the way we had come. As we arrived at dusk Jo was obviously rather pissed with me and said the first place we find we stay at, well, that wasn’t good enough. I trekked off into the setting sun and after a good walk hit the beach. And viola!! Just what I wanted beach chalets, sea views, a pool and more importantly, vacancies. After a quick march back to get Jo, we checked in and rested our weary selves.

In fact, the Nang Thong Resort was most comfortable although every evening we would walk into the local town and eat in different bars and restaurants. And the longer stayed and less expensive it became - a right result.

Thailand 2006

We're back as promised and the general excuse is that we missed going to the Similan Islands. This year, however, we are flying around Thailand as the overnight train from Bangkok to the south, although an experience, just took far too long.

We’re going to start by travelling North up the Andaman coast, find somewhere on stay a few days before heading to Krabi and then flying to the Gulf of Thailand and the wonderful Koh Phangan.

Similan Islands.

We had planned to visit these islands lat year but the tsunami and the lack of tourists meant the only option was a private charter and that we weren’t going to do!!!

The boat ride out to the islands was a nightmare for Jo as she and the sea really don’t get on well together and after over an hour of pounding through the waves her stomach had had more than enough. It amazed me just how dark and inky black the sea was, that is until land approached then the black sea changed into the most startling turquoise!!!

Take a look at the pictures.

Krabi and around

It’s fair to say that there’s often a hitch when getting around in Thailand. We had 2 tickets from Nang Thong to Ao Nang near Krabi. Now apart from the massive diversion to pick up other travellers everything was going ok until we arrived in Krabi, when, apparently, the transport wasn’t available to complete the last leg of the journey unless we forked out an extra $10 each. Sod that - I argued and hassled and eventually we were off again at last.

Wasn’t immensely with our location but that’s all part of the adventure however Koh Poda was very picturesque as was Hong island but that’s another story. Let’s just say if you take a long-tailed boat do make sure it is licensed otherwise all sorts of shit happens!!!!!

Our final leg is a flight to Koh Samui and on to my favourite island except……

there were no flights because of the lack of tourists, so another long, slow bus journey over the isthmus of Thailand, another long, slow ferry crossing to reach our final destination.

Koh Phangan

What more can I say, we’re back on Long Beach and I must say I preferred being on the beach rather overlooking the bay but well…….

Enjoy the final pictures and please if this travelogue has given you any pleasure a donation would always be very welcome!!!!

All that’s left to say and with a lump in my throat, it’s time to say good bye Thailand.

Jo says we’re not allowed back!!!!