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31st December 2015

It would appear that I have calmed down over the last year or so as I haven’t been irate enough to get outraged. Must try harder!!!

7th June 2014

This is not the way not treat a conscientious person!!!

Well, after working virtually continuously since I was 16 years old, having had a continuous contract of employment for just under 30 years I, unfortunately, find myself unemployed due to the company that employed me going into liquidation in December 2013.

I have always felt that there were too many people taking advantage of the state benefits but now that I’m in that situation I find it sticks in the throat that I am tarred with the same brush as those people who play the system and also know how to reap the benefits.

Having worked for all those years I am treated almost identically to the system abusers, although I have 13 weeks to seek a similar position, but ultimately after 26 weeks on “Job Seekers allowance” the payments will cease. To make matters even worse for me I have done the correct things while employed, I have paid off the mortgage, I have no debts and I have savings in the bank. However, all of this stacks up against me and I am entitled only to the pitiful £72 odd a week which certainly doesn’t even cover Council Tax and fuel bills let alone any sort of life.

My local Job Centre is the Reading office where there seems to be two distinctly different attitudes of the staff. There’s the jobs-worth who, by rote, go through their procedure and the laughable “contract” and are ultimately so dull that watching paint dry is probably more interesting and then there are the members of staff who realise I’m a human beings and treat me as such even to the extent of saying that my length of service deserves better treatment. Better since they also have a sense of humour. Sadly, I have only met two members of staff of this calibre and suspect they are the only two.

I strongly feel that having proved over many, many years that I’m not a time-waster, benefit-seeker or social scrounger that there should be a different level of entitlement and treatment. I have, after all, proven by length of service that I fall into a different category.

All contributions welcome - see contact page. Al.

23rd January 2013

Finally, someone in the public's eye has managed to say what I have been thinking for many years. Mankind parasitis ae on this green and wonderful planet and the population has become too overwhelming for the balance of the population versus resoucres to remain sustainable. However, unlike David Attenborough I believe that the reduction of the population should be assisted in some manner!!!!

It would be such a disaster should the over-popularisation take us to the tipping point and beyond!!

Well said David!!!

16th August 2010

Today I am angry, and although I have always refrained from profanities on my website, I have to say I am fucking angry, seriously fucking angry!!.

Last week my wife was made redundant from Reading Borough Council. Ok, the funding the her job has been lost due to government cutbacks while the lazy, incompetent and the over-paid decision makers who are incapable, or unable or willing to make decisions, remain. Yes, Mr Teflon man I am talking about you!!

But this is not just about my wife's redundancy.

It's about years of government incompetence. Gordon Brown boldly, and fucking stupidly, declaring that 50% of school leavers would go to University. Where were the jobs, for God's sake think it through, they simply didn't exist but that was probably just a small irrelevance. And how was that target going to be achieved - by dumbing down education. Any sensible child aged 11 in the 1970's could walk over a current GCSE. Progress? Like fuck it is. But, of course, his primary objectives had fuck all to do with the state of the country.

It was, like many governments, purely the desire to remain in power. Remember - power corrupts.

Brown should be brought to account and pay, literally with cash, for his governments fuck ups.

And look at Blair, swanning around the world earning in 10 minutes my annual wage. Never mind that he took us to war without the support of the United Nations and is such a fucking Diva that security at his book-signing makes Pop Divas seem open and welcoming to their fans and the public. Let's not forget that whilst he is now so fucking rich the tight "person" (I had a MUCH ruder word originally) would rather take money from our pockets
rather than spend some of his own personal wealth. Ohh I forgot to mention, apparently, he was mis-led into the war. Bollocks!! What a shit and another Mr Teflon man!!

I have become disgusted with the way this country operates. We need to get to back to basics. The Government being straight, and now I'm being really stupid, honest and looking after the long term welfare of our country, while not deluding and cheating us and feeding their own pockets!! I really don't know if the Tory/Lib coalition will work, but I amtotally, so totally, so absolutely, pissed off with the SHIT in this country!!!