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But most importantly what was the beach, the crew and the windsurfing like? The beach itself certainly wasn't the best but fairly typically for this part of the world, sort of gritty brown sand so not the best but okay. As for the beach crew, in particular, windsurfing and water skiing crews they were in general very good to excellent, so big thanks to Matt and his team.

You know I have planed while windsurfing, and bearing in mind I am still on a beginner on the planing front, many times. Even the instructors told me I was planing but on the last afternoon I must have got everything spot-on as the board stopped slapping across the waves and started skipping over them, also me, the board and the rid were all in harmony and felt so incredibly stable. Absolutely fantastic!! And just because I was way out of bounds I certainly wasn't going to stop as I headed off, full steam ahead, towards the town.

Well Neilson, apart from the rooms needing refurbishing to get rid of that tired look and the thing about the kettle I think, all in all, you trumped the "other" company.



Greece 2011

Aeolian Village Resort

Near Skala Eressos

After many years of Mark Warner Holidays we finally decided it was time for a change, after all MW did seem to be going downhill!! We choose a Neilson holiday in Greece partly because I had promised Jo some Mediterranean food when we were in Vietnam.

So what  did we think of Neilson and, in particular, the Aeolian Resort?

We choose Lesvos as this promised better wind-surfing than some of the Greek Islands. The wind was typically gentle in the morning and building up through the day, so far, so good.

We also choose a junior suite with two rooms and a small kitchen area. First gripe, having paid for the upgrade the suite was somewhat "tired" and the kitchen didn't even have a kettle but for an additional charge one could be provided - black marks there!!

However, the resort itself was very good and most unusually, for this type of holiday, somehow the buffet food always tasted freshly cooked with a good choice for vegetarians. And when George, the head chef, said a dish was vegetarian, it was!!  Well done George for both veggie and "normal" diners (that wasn't very pc).

After a hard day  on the beach a couple of  drinks at  the  "bohemian chic" pool bar  was always a pleasure, sharing our successes, and failures, of our days activities with other tourists. The bar staff were friendly and attentive - well done all!! Even the drapes coming from Ikea wasn't a put-off!!

The local town, Eressos, was just 20 minutes walk away, but you can take the short route along the beach but it's a lot harder walk, was pleasantly non touristy to the extent that one evening we were the only tourists in one of the bars. We also spent a very pleasant afternoon in that bar watching the sun sparkle on the sea. There were also good restaurants.  We would particularly recommend the  Aubergine in the town square but the styles in other restaurants, and quantities, do vary.

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