It was actually on our first holiday of this type when we discovered that, unlike many ordinary holidays where one takes home nothing but photos and memories, the holiday’s successes and failures are remembered by the scars, cuts and bruises. I still have scar on my knee from the rough surfaced boards. Although my most impressive accident happened on the very last morning’s wind-surfing session at Hurghada. The sun was shining with a strong wind, well, stronger than expected as suddenly I was out of control and hit the mast hard enough to crack a rib or another occasion when I flew straight through the sail - ouch and ooops respectively hehe!!!

That’s enough waffle - enjoy the pictures and remember that to continue adding more destinations does cost and you help will always be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Al.

Egypt 2004-09.

Our Egyptian Holidays strangely started in Turkey a few years before our first holiday to Egypt and you may wonder how that happened.

Our trip to Turkey was our first activity-based holiday mainly to hone-up my dinghy sailing skills but we also tried wind-surfing, which I hate to admit, I was absolutely crap at!! A few years later we were looking for somewhere with guaranteed sunshine, warm waters and where better than Egypt. where we took one or two holidays each year for the next five years, flitting between Dahab in the Sinai and Hurgharda.

Our holidays we booked through Mark Warner and although recently we have switched to Neilson as MW had introduced too many add-ons, in our earlier trip wiater-skiing, for example, was free of charge but then they introduced a “price per tow”. Well, win some, lose some as we started booking with the competition.

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